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Im an Alberta, Canada based Freelance Electric and Upright Bass Player with over 20 years professional experience. I am available for studio sessions either on location or remotely, and also available for live shows depending on my schedule. In addition, I am also a Professional Hair Stylist, Colourist with over 15 years experience, currently living and working in The Bow valley, Alberta.


Getting excited for Edmonton Folk Fest next weekend! Lots of really great acts on the bill this year.

For more info check out:


Hope to see some of you there!   

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‘Great Lakes’, with John Wort Hannam

Heres recent live footage of the song ‘GREAT LAKES’, by JOHN WORT HANNAM, off his new album ‘BRAMBLES AND THORNS’.

This features John of course, myself on Double Bass and the great Scott Duncan onFiddle!

Enjoy, and please subscribe to John’s Youtube Video Channel to enjoy the other songs from this concert in Saskatchewan!

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Anthony Wellington has a great approach here….

Check out this video for a fresh way to approach soloing on bass guitar, and how to recover gracefully from a wrong note choice or surprise chord when jamming with others!
Really enjoy his positive and helpful attitude! Enjoy!

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Clearest you Will EVER Hear me in a mix! EVER! Haha

Yep, this camera fella was LIKE EXTREMELY! WAY! TOO! CLOSE! FOR MY LIKING!!!HAHAHA. But the byproduct of all that discomfort was a killer audio of my bass in the mix! Came out pretty cool! Same rig as before!

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Killer Recent ‘Leeroy Stagger’ Footage Live From Germany!

Here’s us with Leeroy Stagger Live in Germany a week or so ago! 73′ P Bass through an old ass SWR 400, some no name 4×10 box and a few Aguilar Bass Pedals! Got a nice punchy tone out of that old dog of an amp! Really miss my oldschool one from back in the day now!

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Live from Deitmar’s House Concert

Here’s a video of us performing in Mulheim Germany. This is part of our good friend Deitmar’s ongoing House Concert series! We reworked this special version of ‘Carol’ especially for this tour in Germany!

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Posted by on November 1, 2012 in Music Related

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